Composite vs traditional fencing

It is evident that Composite fencing is a reasonably new contemporary choice to wood fencing remedies. It brings lots of benefits as well as benefits over standard wood outdoor decking to boot.

From resilient longevity to pure functionality, there are numerous reasons to choose a Composite fencing option-- but which is most acceptable for you? In this simple comparison guide, we'll be breaking down precisely what the differences are, and also which choice could be the very best for you!



Prior to we look at the benefits of Composite fencing, it deserves noting the advantages it has more than conventional timber fencing alternatives.

First of all, this fencing alternative is much longer-lasting contrasted to softwood fencing because of the products utilised throughout the manufacturing process. Softwood fencing usually takes in wetness with time, which unavoidably results in bending and wood rot in addition to making them unsafe and making your garden look poor. Oppositely, composite fencing is highly waterproof, making it resilient versus the wear as well as degradation that occurs throughout all seasons.

Composite fencing is also an extremely low-maintenance fencing solution; it won't call for cleansing or re-finishing therapy like wood fencing either.


The Benefits of Composite Decking

First of all, Composite fencing is made using a high percentage of recycled content. The Composite product contains 55% timber (FSC 100% licensed) and 45% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Each of these is sourced as manufacturing by-products, saving them from landfill sites. We take pride in this truth due to the fact that it likewise means that not a solitary tree is cut to produce our fencing.

If you're in the marketplace for brand-new fencing and take pleasure in a natural, non-plastic appearance, you'll be pleased to know that our Composite Decking has a far more natural look and feel because of its 55% redeemed timber fibre content.

The composite fencing normally climates and lightens a little throughout the first weeks following its installation because of the tannins in the timber, additional contributing to that satisfying 'all-natural' feeling.

Since our fencing is made purely from composite, it does not suffer a lot of the issues that owners of traditional softwood fencing encounter. First of all, the composite fencing is almost waterproof, meaning that it will not take in wetness or establish rot as well as moss.

Composite fencing is additionally a lot more immune to fading, providing it longer-lasting resilience; those who are climate-conscious will certainly further be pleased to know that composite fencing is also 100% recyclable.

One last advantage (of several!) that comes with choosing our composite fencing is the simplicity of setup. Because Composite fencing is made from fibrous timber material, it is a more straightforward item to install, much like traditional wood fencing.


Final thought: Choose the Best!

If you're seeking a contemporary fencing solution that integrates the natural aesthetic, convenience of installation, water resilience, the durability, then composite fencing is exactly what you're seeking!

Our series of contemporary fencing solutions make certain to fulfil and exceed your every need and also assumption, so make sure to stay and browse our amazing variety of Composite fencing options, all at incredible prices!

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